cloths & Wipers


We offer a wide range of cloths and wipers specifically designed for use in the preparation of vehicle bodies in automotive paint-shops or environments where lint-free cloths are specified.  All our polyester products (wipers) are  produced locally and cut in-house to your specification on our advanced laser profile cutting machines ensuring clean-cut edges throughout. Our current product line-up includes:

  • Lint Free wipes
  • Sealer wipes
  • Solvent wipes
  • Butter Muslin cut wipes and rolls
  • Gekatex Tack cloths (imported from France)
  • Mutton cloth
  • Tack mats
  • Kalle sponge
  • Non-woven viscous wipes

Solvent and sealant sealer wipers

Features and benefits:

  • Lint Free
  • 100% continuous filament polyester
  • Absorbent to all solvent types
  • Durability results in more cars per wiper
  • Continuous filament yarn prevents shedding and does not create fibre release when snagged
  • Consistent product quality every time
  • Usable for sealer and solvent applications by maintenance personnel and operators.
Tack cloths
  • Our tack cloths are imported from Gekatex, France and are supported by many OEM’s both locally and internationally across Europe. The tack cloths can be supplied in various classes of tackiness and are heat-cut in our factory to our customer’s individual sizes.
  • High performance 100% polyester for paint area preparation
  • Supplied in sealed bags to avoid drying out

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