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Cloths and Wipes

we offer a wide range of cloths and wipers specifically designed for use in the preparation of vehicle bodies in automotive paint-shops or environments where lint-free cloths are specified.

Garments & PPE

Our anti-static and lint free garment ranges are used predominantly in clean-room environments such as automotive paint shops and medical labs

School Tracksuits

Commercial laundry services and custom embroidery solutions.

Polishing Disks & Pads

Our new range of products from Gekatex includes various polishing disks and pads specifically designed for use in the finishing area of paintshops.

Heavy duty covers & material handling

Our heavy duty department are a highly competent team and boast some of the best skills in the business.

Robot Covers

Tappo Industries manufactures customised robot covers widely used in paintshops to protect expensive robotic arms from overspray and paint damage etc.


Tappo Industries is currently in the process of developing an outdoor range of products

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